Meet your partner’s partners

Over the years, Saab, its suppliers and its partners, e.g. other Swedish and international companies, have demonstrated a unique ability to support customers with long-term industrial co-operation activities. All designed to provide new business opportunities in a wide range of sectors, producing a positive influence on the customer nation’s economy as a whole.

Two centuries with a global mindset

We have been co-operating in the international arena for more than hundred years. Our industrial roots go all the way back to Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and the founder of the Nobel Prize. So, whether your vision is to increase your national security, industrial growth or independence, we can provide the products, the business models and the support you need to succeed every step of the way.

Building the future together

Whatever challenges you are facing, with Saab’s industrial co-operation programmes you will have access to knowledge and technologies that will have a significant influence on the future we are building together.

Trustworthiness – our industrial heritage

Swedish industry has always been forced to rely on its own resources and talents while being open to international influences. This ability, or innovative spirit if you wish, is what has made Saab one of the world’s leading high-technology companies.

But, that is not all. Saab is also a representative of an industrial tradition characterized by strong commitments, honesty and an ambition to bring benefits to both ourselves and our customers. Because, if there is one thing our history can teach us, it is that, although business is something that takes place between companies, it is only people and relationships that can make it happen.