Meeting requirements, exceeding expectations

Major contracts in the defence sector are often accompanied by significant industrial co-operation programmes. As a supplier, Saab is committed to provide such programmes involving e.g. MRO, production, training, operations, research and development in the form of business and/or technology transfer.

Industrial co-operation is done through the direct participation of the customer’s own national industry in the production and development of the contracted system, or other products from Saab’s and its partners’ portfolios. These areas can cover high-level objectives ranging from purely military strategic goals, all the way up to overall contribution to other sectors contributing to the national GDP.

Regulated in Law 

Although every customer nation’s expectation in terms of industrial co-operation is unique and generally regulated in international and national policies or laws, it is almost always aimed at generating values through business-driven initiatives. Saab’s industrial co-operation programmes are therefore designed to support the nation’s desire to enhance its defence technology industrial base, promote micro-economic development and contribute to macroeconomic advancements.

Catalyst for Growth 

Industrial co-operation growth ranges from workshare on specific industrial programs to a spread of activities demanding a combination of skills development, technology transfer, investments and jobs. All are focused on expanding or launching export-oriented ventures in several industrial sectors.

Supported by our powerful global supply chain and partner network, Saab is able to meet customers’ specific requirements as well as support their macro-economic objectives. We believe responsible and sustainable development can only be achieved through the delivery of new economic benefits which will continue long after any industrial co-operation target fulfillment deadlines have been met.


At Saab we recognize that each customer is unique. Therefore, both our product offer and business model are designed to provide the transparency, flexibility and adaptability required for meeting precise customer needs as well as all international legal requirements.

We know the powerful outcome of close and direct partnerships, related to industry, trade and commerce, science and education or energy and environment. Through customized industrial co-operation programmes, Saab has contributed to a wide range of successful projects in all of these areas.

So, no matter what your priorities are, or which areas you are looking to develop, we promise to meet your aspirations of industrial cooperation.