Saab Damen partnership

Both Saab and Damen are based in relatively small countries, which means that both companies must naturally be extremely good at collaboration to be able to operate successfully on an international level; it almost seems to be embedded in the DNA of both organisations. This in combination with a similar design philosophy based on cost-efficient quality and adaptive modularity means that Saab-Kockums is a perfect partner within the Dutch triple helix.


Saab-Kockums has an impressive track record when it comes to building top-grade submarines – as they have been doing since 1914. No other European shipyard has produced so many different submarine designs. The company has delivered more than sixty submarines to the Swedish navy alone. Kockums’ technology has also been used in the Soryu class (Japan, as of 2009) and the largest diesel-electric powered subs in the world, the Collins class (Australia, 1999-2003).


In the past 140 years, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has built more than 400 naval vessels, most of which for the Royal Netherlands Navy. These long years of experience and cooperation in the Netherlands ‘triple helix’ put DSNS in the best possible position to know which design and construction will best suit the requirements of the Dutch navy. Moreover, the Damen Shipyard in Vlissingen (Flushing) is famous for sticking to budget and delivery schedules. Well known examples are the S and M frigates, the Air Defence and Command Frigates (LCF) and several auxiliaries.


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