Facilitating Innovation And Knowledge Exchange

Course participants

With the objective of enhancing innovative cooperation and knowledge exchange between Sweden and Malaysia, the Swedish Embassy arranged “Innovation Days” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 17 & 18, 2015. It was a high-level ministerial round table discussion with representatives from the private sector of both countries. Kristina Persson, Swedish Minister for Strategic Development and Nordic Cooperation represented the Swedish Government.

Magnus Ahlström spoke in the panel discussion on behalf of Saab and he pointed out that the Triple Helix Programme and innovation has propelled Saab to be one of most successful companies in Sweden. The other areas of discussion revolved around how to increase the number of women in work force, corporate culture, innovation, and economic growth.

In addition to this, Saab and the Malaysian Defence University, UPNM, arranged a course and a seminar with participants from all branches of the Malaysian Armed Forces, Coast Guard and the Police Force. Bo Granbom from Saab, spoke on the subject of “National Tactical Data Links: Current and Future Challenges”. The event was part of the UPNM Executive Seminar Series, an ongoing programme arranged by Saab and UPNM.

Speaking at the Innovation Days in Kuala Lumpur, Thomas Lindén, Head of Saab Malaysia explained, “For a company like Saab, it is crucial to develop network and to build trust. We have, for the last couple of years, successfully established a close cooperation with the Malaysian Defence University, UPNM. The seminar series is a splendid format to share high technology knowledge with Malaysia.”

Lindén also stressed that events like the seminar series are a golden opportunity for Saab to meet and discuss with decision makers and officers the nature of their demands on future capabilities and systems. At the same time, Saab is able to share high tech knowledge with the participants too.