Saab Malaysia Participates In AOC Electronic Warfare Asia 2014

Saab is stepping up knowledge and technology transfer efforts to the Asia Pacific region via educational talks. To further the effort, Geoff van Hees, Director Marketing and Sales, Saab Malaysia gave a presentation on the merits of an Infrared Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) compared to a Ultraviolet Missile Approach Warning System at AOC Electronic Warfare Asia 2014, held in Kuala Lumpur on 10-11 March 2014.

In his presentation, van Hees covered the difference in capability between the Infrared-based MAWS and the Ultraviolet-based MAWS, examining the merits of each system, while taking into account the environment that the system will be operating in, and the perceived threat that it will be responding to.

The event, themed “Evolving Electronic Warfare in the ASEAN and Pacific Regions” this year, saw senior leaders, military operators and decision makers from the ASEAN and Pacific regions responsible for Electronic Warfare operations, specification and procurement coming together to discuss the latest developments in Electronic Warfare and related electromagnetic capabilities.