Saab Connects With Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia For Knowledge Exchange

Saab showcased ‘eMaintenance through information integration’ in a seminar at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia as a part of a knowledge exchange program with Professors and students of the university.

The one-day seminar focused on how it was possible to optimize effective maintenance operations, reduce unplanned stops and lower overall costs by dynamic decision making across the whole product/system lifecycle through eMaintenance. The seminar was held at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia for third and fourth year undergraduates.

eMaintenance is being used in many industrial domains, e.g. defence, transport, energy and manufacturing. There is also ongoing global research collaborations between industry and academia in order to share knowledge and develop the area further.

The seminar was conducted by Laurence Earl, Head of Strategy & Business Development within Lifecycle Logistics, a Business Unit within Saab’s business area Support & Services.The seminar covered methods for development of technologies and standards to enable increased information integration across independent platforms, from design and engineering to maintenance and support.

“For Saab, it is very important to cooperate with universities, not only in Sweden but globally – all over the world. Through joint research projects, we will be able to share our knowledge. Most importantly, we get to learn and develop new solutions together with the next generation of engineers and researchers. I am certain we will find mutual areas of interest for future collaboration between Malayasia and Saab within the logistic and integrated lifecycle support,” Laurence Earl said.

During the seminar, Laurence Earl said challenges in current and future support solutions are how to handle:

  • complex products and systems with long lifecycles;
  • complex configurations, which are constantly changing;
  • different stakeholder information requirements across the enterprise, and;
  • changing technology (including emergence of potentially disruptive technologies)

Laurence Earl emphasized that one way is to view information as a strategic asset. eMaintenance practices assist organisations in proactive decision support and hence enable them to be better prepared for the future. Timely access to information enables dynamic decision making across the whole product/system lifecycle.

Saab also has a decade old partnership with Luleå University in Sweden on eMaintenance for developing a ‘system of systems’ to maximise the utility of life-cycle information for minimizing costs and ensuring delivery of right information to the right people at the right time.

Malaysia is identified as a strategically important partner for Saab for long term cooperation in technology innovation and mutually benefical knowledge exchange. This a long term commitment based on Saab’s assessment of Malaysia and its defence and security needs, for which Saab has cost efficient and proven solutions to offer. In this, Saab is well-supported by the Swedish government to explore partnerships even if they involve a transfer of critical technologies and intricate knowledge exchange programs.