Saab in Malaysia

Saab brings to Malaysia world leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Malaysia is identified as a strategically important market for Saab; therefore Saab is intensifying its efforts in the country. It opened its office in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2013. This is a long term commitment based on Saab’s assessment of Malaysia and its defence and security needs, for which Saab has cost efficient and proven solutions to offer.

Saab has a long history of supplying high performance, cost efficient defence systems to the Malaysian Armed Forces. These systems include navy and army radar systems, airborne self-protection systems for fighters, naval command and control systems and army support weapons, including anti-tank weapons. Saab’s product portfolio includes many systems that would ensure high tech and proven solutions with good value for money for the planned further development of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Saab’s partnership with the Malaysian Armed Forces encompasses the Carl-Gustaf, 9LV, Giraffe Radar, Sea Giraffe Radar, Arthur radar and EW Systems. Saab strives for a collaborative partnership. Saab is a world class defence engineering company. Saab is committed to develop, manufacture and supply innovative, technologically advanced and practical solutions to meet Malaysia’s Defence and security challenges.

Saab is currently marketing the ERIEYE AEW&C to the Royal Malaysian Air Force, several different systems to the Royal Malaysian Navy and Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency as well as the Malaysian Army. The ERIEYE radar performance will give Malaysia full control of not only the military and civilian airspace but all activities on the sea, including fishery, illegal immigration, pollution, smuggling, piracy and also protection of oil and gas installations. 

Saab’s strategic partner in Malaysia for the AEW&C is DRB-HICOM. Together Saab will create high tech jobs, during the project but also during its entire life cycle.

Saab is closely following the MRCA program, and when it sees that a formal process is reinitiated, it will assess the situation; Saab strongly believes that the Gripen will be in a good position. The Gripen is an extremely capable fighter aircraft with true multirole capability and is cost effective to operate over the long run, as opposed to the bigger twin engine competitors. In a recent IHS Jane’s study of six aircraft, based on assessment from primary and secondary sources, it was concluded that estimated cost per flight hour (CPFH) of the Gripen is the lowest at US$4,700.

The open design of the Gripen allows for full payload flexibility and a full range of weapon integration options. Saab is developing the next generation aircraft as it has just received a development order from the Swedish government for the new generation E Gripen.

All of Saab’s Business Areas are active in Malaysia offering high-tech solutions and products such as the Gripen, Skeldar, Remote Towers, C4I, EW (Self Protection Systems), Signature Management, Aeronautical Platforms, Communication Systems, Surveillance systems, Fire Control and Radar Systems.