Truly intelligent interfaces

Short reaction times between the detection of threats and their engagement are essential when operating in archipelago environments. Saab's intelligent command and control systems give operators valuable seconds to make the right decision or can fully automate the entire engagement to defeat high intensity threats.

"We have long offered fully integrated combat systems, which is something that makes us stand out in the sector", says Stefan Hedenstedt, head of Naval Combat Systems sales within Saab.

Complex and multi-faceted combat environments place considerable demands on war-fighting equipment. This makes the Swedish archipelago the perfect environment for optimising the performance of Saab's naval systems.

"When talking to customers, we always make reference to the domestic Swedish market," says Stefan Hedenstedt, Head of Naval Combat Systems BD & Sales. "The Baltic Sea coastline requires that all our equipment is designed with short reaction times, shallow waters and extreme radar clutter in mind. This means that we have no problems operating, no matter what the situation."

Saab's offering is distinguished by a wide product portfolio and the ability to work with all parts of the system. "We are skilled at handling the chain of events between the generation of the initial target information and the engagement itself," Hedenstedt says.

All the weapons and sensors are integrated into the Combat Management System and each operator has their own Human Machine Interface (HMI) with all the functionality required for their role, and the potential to add functionality as required.

"In theory, one person could handle the combat management system for an entire frigate if all the functions were added to the interface," says Hedenstedt. "Saab's Combat Management System is highly scalable and can therefore be integrated into everything from for every type of naval platform, ranging from combat boats and patrol boats, to frigates and aircraft carriers, as well as submarines and vessels for anti-piracy, security and surveillance".

Saab is working continuously on the development of new integrated solutions. The Combat Management System includes primary sensors, signals intelligence, electronic warfare, fire control directors and weapons integration, and there are now solutions for the entire mast as well.

"The mast is an extremely complicated environment since there are items of equipment right throughout it that can interfere with each other," says Hedenstedt.