Gripen at Expodefensa 2015

Between November 30th to December 2nd we will be participating in Expodefensa 2015 - held in Bogotá, Colombia - to present the Gripen and other solutions within military defense.

Our Gripen is a NATO interoperable, multi-role combat aircraft capable of undertaking the full range of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, including specialist roles such as intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) and electronic warfare. Gripen is equipped with the most modern sensors and mission systems, it can be armed with any air-launched weapon that a customer requires, and it is speedy and affordable.

Gripen is easily deployable, with a very low maintenance and support footprint coupled with high reliability. Already operational within NATO and with Saab's unique data link capabilities Gripen is fully interoperable with other forces. It is known for its adaptability via constantly improving cutting-edge technology.

This combat aircraft is currently in use in a variety of countries including Sweden, South Africa, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Thailand and United Kingdom. In Latin America, Brazil selected Gripen in 2014 as their future fighter, with deliveries from 2019. The deal includes an industrial co-operation programme that will transfer unique and advanced technologies and know-how to Brazilian industrial and institutional parties with the objective of developing national capabilities.

The partnership with Brazilian industry strengthens Saab's position in Latin America and supports Saab's strategy for growth through industrial co-operation.

"Swedish technology in general, and particularly Saab's, is recognized for its quality and reliability. Our experience in Brazil serves as an example for what we could offer elsewhere in the region. It also shows our willingness and capability to transfer technology in strategic areas", says Fredrik Gustafson, Saab's Vice President for Latin America Sales and Marketing.

Visit stand 429A at pavilion 11-16 in Expodefensa 2015, and experience our frontline solutions for the industry, which have positioned us as one of the leading technology companies in the world, and as a center for excellence development and innovation.

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