Saab at FAMEX 2017

Saab will display its broad range of land and air solutions for military defence and civil security at Mexico 2017 Aerospace Fair from April 26 – 29, 2017. Visitors will see the 1:8 scale Gripen model, and learn about the various systems for air defence, such as the RBS 70 NG; for surveillance, such as the Erieye AEW&C; and for air traffic management, such as the ATM displays.

Saab at FAMEX 2017


Saab considers FAMEX-2017 an important opportunity to strengthen its presence in the region. Saab’s trusted and reliable products are backed by a unique mix of high technology, proven effectiveness and lower costs, and FAMEX-2017 is an important opportunity to present solutions that will meet clients’ needs and requests.

“We have a proven track record in solutions that matter to customers in Latin America. We are excited to be present at FAMEX-2017, to meet new potential clients and partners, present the company’s broad portfolio for the air and land domains, and discuss new ideas and areas of cooperation based on our systems and solutions”, points out Fredrik Gustafson, Head of Sales and Marketing for Saab in Latin America.

At FAMEX-2017, Saab will showcase its broad range of high-tech products and solutions, including:

Gripen, the smart fighter: The globally interoperable, multi-role fighter capable of undertaking the full range of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, including specialist roles such as intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance and electronic warfare. Gripen is easily deployable, with a very low maintenance and support footprint coupled with high reliability.

Erieye AEW&C: Airborne early warning system for long-range surveillance and control. Erieye monitors airspace, borders and sea lanes to ensure national security and assist in law-enforcement missions such as anti-smuggling, anti-piracy and protection of national resources.

Giraffe radar: Surface-based radar supporting ground and naval forces with a range of advanced air defence, air surveillance, weapons location and sense-and-warn capabilities. Different radar variants are tailored to different applications. Giraffe is famed for its minimal physical footprint and designed for mobility.

ESTL countermeasures pod: Electronic warfare systems providing protection for aircraft in diverse threat scenarios, featuring intelligent sensors that react rapidly to detect and counter approaching missiles.

ATM solutions including:  Cooperative Surveillance Systems: allows Air Navigation Service Providers to reduce aircraft separation standards, not compromising safety in air traffic management; Aerobahn Surface Manager: A common-use platform that includes a set of flexible and modular applications that provide greater agility and efficiency in airport surface operations; Digital Tower Solutions: air traffic services operated from a remote location, through the use of high-definition cameras, sensors and modern automation software.

BAMSE: A medium-range ground-based air defence missile system, designed to operate independently or in coordination with a complete defence network.

RBS 70 NG: Short-range air defence missile system to provide protection from 250 m out to 9 km for ground forces against airborne threats. The system is portable, easy to set up and operate, and provides 24-hour coverage in all climates.

FAMEX-2017 will take place at Military Air Base #1 in Santa Lucia, México, from April 26-29, 2017.

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