Saab Brings An Ethos Of Trust, Reliability And Long Term Commitment

Saab and Sweden are not simply vendors trying to meet immediate requirements of national governments; they are more of partners in development of the defence capability of markets they work in.

Saab brings to Korea world leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Korea is a driver of global commerce and global technology. Korean companies are key players in many economies in a range of industries. Saab appreciates that collaborating with Korean companies will enable it to participate in the development of technologies that will define the future. Sweden’s strong legacy of developing technology and its ownership of critical technology platforms makes it an important and willing partner for Korean defence industry.

As Korea looks for affordable, scalable technologies that are reliable and provided by partners which can deliver support solutions over an extended period of time, Saab fits into the picture as a dependable partner that delivers to its commitment. It is not only a provider of reliable, world-leading technologies, as a supplier it brings to Korea an ethos of trust, reliability and long term relationships.
For Saab, Korea is a key market with large growth and partnership potential. Saab is committed to long term engagement in Korea to serve and deliver to its needs. In terms of developing local weapon systems, Korea is looking for partners and Saab can definitely play a strategic role in certain areas of technologies.
There have been a number of successful programs that Saab has delivered to Korea for over a decade now. Saab is today expanding its relationship with Korean industry on indigenous development programs while offering state-of-the-art systems which meet the requirements of the hour as well as provide complete access to technology and know-how.