Learning How To Prepare For The Future

The students at the Swedish Defence University together with Brigadier General Johan Stjernfalk, Swedish Ministry of Defence, Commander Stefan SIlfverskiöld and Anders Foyer from the Swedish Defence University and Roland Holmlund and Björn Kullberg from Saab.

One of the highlights for the students was to look closer to the Gripen system, from conceptual design and model based system engineering to see the fighter perform a flying test and meeting the pilot André (Bulan) Brännström.

The course participants are from all branches in the Indonesian Armed Forces together with engineers from the defence industry.

Saab together with the Swedish Defence University educates Indonesian officers and engineers from the defence industry in strategic defence planning. The course is part of the scholarship gift that was handed over to the Indonesian President 2013.

During the last two weeks, 16 officers from the Indonesian Armed Forces, together with three engineers from the Indonesian defence industry have been studying triple helix, scenario development and technology forecasting.

The course is developed by the Defense University (Försvarshögskolan FHS) together with and Saab and showcases how the different entities work together in order to be better anticipate the future and develop the capabilities needed to meet threats and future challenges. The course, divided into three parts, started with an introductory week in Indonesia and is now concluding the second part, which has taken part in Sweden. The final and third part of the course will be in August in Indonesia.

Commander Stefan Silfverskiöld at the Defence University and responsible for the course. I am very impressed by our students. I fully agree with Brigadier General Johan Stjernfalk who visited the students at the Defence University on behalf of the Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist – we were totally blown away by the students’ presentations. We got insights from the bright students and one of the major success factors were the mix of officers from all branches together with industry representatives.

The participants are officers from the Indonesian Armed Forces Head Quarter, Navy, Air Force and the Army. In addition there are also participants from the Indonesian industry. They together make up a group that, besides from receiving the education, have also been given the opportunity to on sight see concrete examples of what the course aims to teach in the form of the end result such as Ground Base Air Defence, sensor and radars and also Gripen.

The executive course in strategic defence planning is part of Saabs ongoing educational program with Indonesia, where Saab together with Swedish Armed Forces and academia, delivers education to students and young professionals. The program focus on knowledge transfer but is also tailored for supporting Saab business opportunities in Indonesia. Saab Global Innovation is responsible for the ambitious program that includes guest lectures from Saab experts, master scholarships to students to study at a Swedish universities and executive courses focusing on the defence strategy planning, triple helix and innovation.