9LV CMS: Command Over The Seas

For Indonesia’s Navy the nation’s vast coastline, some 54,716 km long, poses many challenges for monitoring and policing. These challenges can be overcome through Saab’s portfolio of naval and maritime, solutions and services that cover the air, surface, underwater and coastal security domains. Indonesia’s geography demands control of the seas to counter unlawful activities for a safe maritime environment and secure homeland. Increasing instances of confrontation at sea globally have raised the need for greater situational awareness to meet new threats.

For a vast archipelagic nation like Indonesia, with an estimated 17,508 islands, maritime security is of the utmost importance. Indonesia’s deployed defence and security systems have to be fully operational at all times and in all conditions. Mission success comes through situational awareness, decision superiority and precision engagement, backed up by solid support solutions, training and communications.

A key element in this new reality is digital command and control for naval boarding parties and small patrol craft; this has become absolutely critical for any effective, modern maritime force.

To meet this challenge, Saab brings to Indonesia its naval kill chain solution that combines multiple, high-end Saab technologies including the Sea Giraffe radars, 9LV Combat Management System (CMS), 9LV Fire Control System (FCS) and CEROS200 director. Together they build a formidable engagement mechanism and provide an absolute guarantee for command over the sea. Saab’s naval hill chain brings fast retaliation and complete security from any incoming threats through systems integration that has the sole operational objective to deliver the most lethal blow to the target. The naval open architecture of Saab’s 9LV family of technologies increases opportunities for innovation and further integration with any other subsystem that reduces burdens of cost and risk through life.

Peter Carlqvist, Head of Saab Indonesia, notes “Saab has already made a long term commitment to Indonesia’s national security goals. In this, Saab is well-supported by the Swedish government to form new partnerships, which can involve the transfer of critical technologies. We are confident that our vast experience of working with the local defence industry in multiple countries across the world will bring immense benefit to both Indonesian industry and Saab.”

Saab’s 9LV naval combat system solutions offer complete C4I for every type of naval platform, ranging from combat boats and patrol boats, to frigates and aircraft carriers, as well as submarines and vessels for anti-piracy, security and surveillance. Our 9LV solutions provide naval forces with outstanding operational capabilities, supporting all mission types, from littorals to the open ocean.

9LV Combat Management System

The 9LV Combat Management System is the command and control centre of many advanced surface vessels and submarines. Saab can take full responsibility for the CMS solution, and due to the open architecture of 9LV, can provide subsets of the CMS solution in partnership configurations. A full 9LV CMS configuration includes the Fire Control System (FCS).

The 9LV CMS allows command teams to make correct decisions and take decisive action.  By enabling flexible, effective operations, it increases mission capability. The system is modular and scalable, allowing unique software connectivity and interoperability. Its design means that it is quicker and more affordable to develop, upgrade and support. The 9LV CMS puts you in total control of the local seas. It is built around a simple concept: use on-board and off-board sensors and effectors in the most efficient and effective way. The system leads the way in data fusion, real-time.

The 9LV CMS utilises all surveillance resources and merges sensor data with manual and platform data to provide a complete, correlated situational picture. The system achieves this through an integrated data fusion process. It generates the picture automatically from received data inputs. The operator is able to interact with the plot and can select different correlation processing modes, as well as inputting direct intervention and override command.

With integrated weapons and sensors on-board, putting full control in the hands of the operator, all assets, and any CMS function, can be controlled by any operator at any console and adapted to changing roles in runtime. This provides an exceptionally high degree of operational flexibility. The system’s architecture also makes it well suited to future upgrades and extensions with additional sensors and weapons.

While taking care of the three dimensions of naval warfare – air, surface and subsurface – the 9LV CMS also supports the fourth dimension, the internal decision cycle. Its advanced decision-making tools provide maximum uptime, even in the toughest situations. In essence, the system provides a combination of power and flexibility which allows a 9LV CMS-equipped unit to participate in national and international operations, either alone or as part of a task force.