Simulation And Geo Data Handling Workshop In Indonesia

Saab Indonesia and BPPT organized a joint workshop in Jakarta recently. The seminar focused on simulation technologies & simulators and Geo Data handling.

The seminar was led by Jörgen Nilsson, Senior Engineer and Project Manager Gripen Training Simulators at Saab and Håkan Brage, Senior Engineer Geo Data at Saab. It was the first hands on activity with BPPT since the signing of a MoU between Saab and BPPT in August and it supported the ongoing the ongoing Saab campaign in Indonesia, the Swedish Air Power Package (SAPP), which includes Gripen, AEW&C, Tactical Data Link and a comprehensive Technology Transfer package (ToT).

This was the second Workshop, after the first one on Tactical Data Links, under the “SAPP flag” to create closer ties between Saab, BPPT, Indonesian MOD, the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), Universities and Industry for future collaboration. This is a long term effort in order to position Saab in Indonesia and show the strengths of the Swedish government and Saab when it comes to the triple helix programme, i.e. co-operation between government, universities and industry.

The main theme of the workshop was centered on simulation technologies and Geo Data. BPPT had invited a broad audience from Indonesian governmental units such as the Armed Forces, Police force, Universities, state owned and civil Industry. The workshop was attended by roughly 120 participants to explore the Indo-Swedish experience and requirements in the field where the outcome was an exchange of knowledge and lessons learned. It was very good discussions and the Indonesian participants were specialists within the field or senior officers in charge of organizations involved.

On the second day, a workshop was conducted with 25 selected participants including senior officers and specialists to capitalize on the outcome of the previous day and to dig deeper into understanding and find a common way ahead for Indonesian competencies in simulation and Geo Data Handling. Future activities with BPPT will include workshops in Indonesia or Sweden sharing various competencies for defence technologies.