Saab Takes Forward The Spirit of Aviation With Aero Expo 2015

Students and alumni from the Faculty of Aviation Engineering, Technology Institute of Bandung (ITB), recently organized the Aero Expo 2015 from November 14-15, 2015. This year the theme of this annual event was ‘The Spirit of Aviation’. Saab was one of the participants at the event and engaged with industry players through various discussions.

The event included a seminar where key industry players, academics, experts and observers discussed the Indonesian aerospace industrial development and Indonesian aviation operational strategies in facing open sky agreements.

During the event Saab also showcased a whole array of products and capabilities which have resulted from extensive experience spanning more than seven decades in the field of aeronautics. This also included sharing information on the next generation multirole fighter, Gripen.

Commenting on Saab’s participation, Peter Carlqvist, Head of Saab Indonesia said, “Aero Expo 2015 allowed Saab to interact with key stakeholders, academics and observers in the aviation industry in Indonesia, especially the public. One of our core values is innovation, and without research and development, we can never innovate with new technologies. By working together with educational institutions around the world, Saab is able to achieve this. This is one of the things that we would like to communicate.” 

Earlier this year in August, Saab had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ITB; this was also a chance for Saab to promote the plan to build an Indonesian-Swedish Innovation Center in ITB. This is also part of Saab’s Triple Helix approach in which companies, government and academic institutions work together to build new capabilities and share innovations.

As this event was open to the public, other engagement activities such as drawing and essay competitions for children were also held. Saab sponsored the prizes for these activities.