Saab Signs Teaming Agreement with Indonesia’s PT Pindad for GBAD Systems

Agreement with PT Pindad
Agreement with PT Pindad_1

Saab has signed a teaming agreement with Defence Company PT Pindad for marketing GBAD systems as well as extending the operational life of the Indonesia Armed Force’ (TNI’s) RBS 70 systems.

The teaming agreement is an overall and long term agreement with the goal to win and execute more and larger air defence business together in both Indonesia and in the rest of the region. The collaboration will be extended step by step.

The initial focus will be on increasing the operational life of the RBS 70Mk-II missiles. The teaming agreement will involve transfer of technology from Saab to upgrade the RBS 70 systems acquired by Indonesia in the1980s. This would also lead to building capacity and capability locally in Indonesia and in PT Pindad.

“The teaming agreement provides both organizations the best opportunity to get the collaboration working at the practical level. Together, we will take on the challenge of winning the next major GBAD procurement. Pindad is a perfect partner for Saab. They are Indonesia’s major defence company and have been a professional supplier to Indonesia's defence.The partnership will allow for extensive technology transfer and industrial cooperation,” says Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab Asia Pacific.

The Ground Based Air Defence systems by Saab, with operational life of thirty (30) years, have advanced embedded systems design, low failure rates and embedded maintenance support functions. These ensure that the customer obtains the utmost value for money in terms of price versus performance, tactical flexibility, operational costs, availability and life cycle cost. The systems are designed and developed to be optimized for GBAD missions.

Through its teaming agreement with PT Pindad, Saab can not only provide a full GBAD system utilizing the latest technology, it can meet local content, domestic cooperation and transfer of technology requirements for both radar and missile systems. These can cater to both domestic and global markets.

Saab’s Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) systems comprise of the RBS 70 NG firing unit, weapon control system, Giraffe family of radar, C2 and Radar Control.

The RBS 70 NG capabilities combine an accurate and unjammable guidance with all-target missiles. It has capability to combat not only small targets such as UAV and cruise missiles, but also lightly armoured ground targets such as APCs. The RBS 70 NG features automatic target tracking, integrated thermal imager, visual target assignment, simplified aiming functions, simultaneous detection of several targets and all-target capability with BOLIDE missiles.

Man-portable or integrated on wheeled or tracked vehicles, RBS 70 NG´s capability of executing a multitude of missions makes it very usable for all types of situations, ranging from effective protection of vital assets to that of mechanized units.

Along with that, high availability, reliability and long operational life create a low life cycle cost means that the RBS70 NG is well suited to meet the requirements of Indonesian Armed Forces.

The Giraffe 3D Short Range radar is deployable in both fixed and mobile formats. It is a mutl-role, multi-purpose system with superior detection capabilities, a suite of networking possibilities, full interoperability with different system types, and is backed by integrated logistics support.