Saab Capable Of Meeting Indonesia's Defence Requirements

Saab meets Indonesia requirements

Saab identifies Indonesia as a strategic market and brings world leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security with good value for money.

Saab has identified Indonesia as a strategically important market. In pursuance,intensifying its efforts in the country, Saab opened its dedicated office in Jakarta in2013.

Saab has made a long term commitment to Indonesia’s national security goals. In this, Saab is well-supported by Sweden to form new partnerships, which involves transfer of critical technologies. Saab is confident that its vast experience of working with the local defence industry in multiple countries across the world will bring immense benefit to both the Indonesian industry and Saab.

“Saab has long been one of Sweden’s most technology-focused and collaboration-driven companies. Sweden is a creative country characterized by pioneering ideas and new ways of thinking. Saab seeks to work with Indonesia to co-create a mutually beneficial future, particularly in the arena of future air defence and development of military-industrial complex,” according to Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab Asia Pacific.

“Saab and Sweden created technology that was independent of large power dependence due to its unique political stance during the cold wars. Today, we see many parallels with Indonesia which straddles an area that is of interest to virtually all the super powers. With Indonesia committed to creating a strong domestic defence industry, we see ourselves as a perfect partner that can further strengthen the domestic defence industry due to its inherent philosophy of industrial cooperation”, adds Peter Carlqvist, Head of Saab Indonesia.

Taking its commitment towards Indonesia to the next level, Saab has already instituted 50 scholarships for Indonesian students. This is part of Sweden’s desire to further the exchange of innovation and technology with Indonesia. The scholarship program is being jointly provided by Saab, Chalmers University of Technology, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), and Linköping University.

Saab’s product portfolio includes many systems that would ensure high tech and proven solutions with good value for money for the planned further development of the Indonesian Armed Forces. Saab is supplying high performance, cost efficient defence systems which can not only provide a state of the art defence capability but also a wide range of very interesting high-tech job opportunities as a part of the Saab local industrial cooperation programs.