Saab in Indonesia

Saab brings to Indonesia world leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Indonesia is identified as a strategically important market for Saab, therefore Saab is intensifying its efforts in the country. Saab has opened a newoffice in Jakarta 2013.

Saab’s product portfolio includes many systems that would ensure high tech and proven solutions with good value for money for the planned further development of the Indonesian Armed Forces. Saab is supplying high performance, cost efficient defence systems to the Indonesian Armed Forces. These systems include the RBS70 and the Giraffe Radar, G40.

Currently Saab is marketing Naval Combat Systems,  Giraffe radars for sea and land, RBS 15 and RBS70NG missile systems, Airborne Early Warning System Erieye, Air Command and Control,  Tactical Data Links, Gripen, EW for Fighter Aircraft as well as ATM, VTS in Indonesia. Based on open systems solutions, Saab is offering Technology transfer and Industrial cooperation to ensure in-country build-up of capabilities for support, modifications and further development.