Vehicle Crew Trainer

Vehicle Crew Trainer


Mission effectiveness is depending on fully trained units. With our solutions for vehicle training all crews of modern combat vehicles can train skills and tactics in a highly realistic training environment.

Saab's vehicle simulators are part of a complete training package and excellent tools for all levels of expertise and education.


They are full size realistic replicas of the vehicle interior gunner and commander stations and cabin interior and sighting systems are fully functional to support correct learning. The simulators provide the right balance between technical complexity, ease of operation and ruggedness in day-to-day service based on a small, low cost logistic footprint

Cover all training needs

The vehicle simulators from Saab are designed to provide realistic training of modern combat vehicle crews and range from computer based solutions to highest fidelity crew trainers with 6 DoF motion platforms and on to live training with laser based systems.

Great flexibility

The virtual environment created within the simulator sights and displays is crucial for the learning effect. To maximize the training experience all training scenarios can be defined and modified with great flexibility whenever needed. Be it tactical training or mission rehearsal.