Training & Exercise Management Information System TEMIS



Supporting traceability and preserving the training value through the training cycle.


The user structures its own capture plan in accordance with the training or exercise objectives and then allocates the sources which will deliver the information needed. TEMIS supports integration into technical systems and is independent of the training domain, (Live, Virtual or Constructive), the training activities are performed in.


The system consists of a server hosted database that can be managed through a portal from a web browser. The server can then be connected to different objective information sources like virtual simulators and operational Battle Management Systems. The system can also connect to subjective information sources e.g. observer operating from a web browser, or operating a COTS mobile device (smartphone or tablet) holding a native app.



All the gathered information can easily be accessed via a wallboard displaying a real time picture of the progress towards the training or exercise objectives. This allows for immediate analysis of the training audience performances and supports the exercise manager’s need for dynamic decision making to ensure that the correct events and incidents are planned or performed so that the training objectives are reached.

All information concerning a specific training event or a training audience can easily be exported to formats like MS Excel spread sheets or MS Powerpoint for further analysis or as a take home package. Through its flexible design and the integration possibilities, TEMIS supports the most commonly used evaluation programs e.g. Allied Forces Standards volumes for evaluation or the Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC) within Nato PfP.