Mortar 60 MM Indoor trainer

Mortar 60 mm indoor trainer


The M—IDT consists of a mortar replica, sight unit replica, simulated ammunition and an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) with a Forward Observer application.

M—IDT provides realistic training for the following training tasks:

  • Mortar calibration and bore — sighting
  • Mortar laying and orientation
  • Direct Fire — in line of sight
  • Indirect Fire — without direct line of sight
  • Rapid fire
  • Ammunition selection and preparation
  • Call — for Fire commands execution
  • Fire evaluation and adjustment procedure

The Mortar Replica comprises of a bipod, basement and azimuth measuring system. The Saab Mortar Tube Replica has a unique rotating carousel mechanism for recovering loaded simulated ammunition.

This carousel mechanism allows rapid salvo fire for up to five rounds with minimal holding time of one second between each round.