Joint Fires Trainer Be prepared for your missions

Joint fires Trainer JFIST


The forward air controller never fights alone. He is always part of a team. Therefore, the team need to train and evaluate their performance together. And to be prepared the training must consist of proper procedures, tactics and terminology in order to achieve the desired effect and to minimize the risk of collateral damage.

With Saab’s Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer (JFIST®), JTAC’s, Forward Observers and other roles in the Joint Fires capacity, will have access to a cost-effective virtual training solution that cover all phases, from basic training to mission rehearsal.

Whether the goal is to train a partial task performed by a single role, or collaborative training including several roles, JFIST handles all of them.

Train as you fight, where you fight

Models of infrastructure and vehicles, humans and a variety of weapon systems enable the creation of realistic scenarios. The system also supports control of direct and indirect fire.

After and during action review

AAR/DAR functions provide for qualitative evaluation to achieve full training value and allow the instructor to monitor and conduct an accurate analysis of the exercise.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive and Windows based interfaces reduces the instructor’s workload. Creation and edition of exercises and scenarios is done directly in the 3D environment – in real time, during execution if needed.

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