Integrated Training Environment

Integrated Training


At Saab we believe that the most realistic training, followed by immediate, detailed evaluation, is the best way to prepare soldiers for their missions. With Saab’s Integrated Training Environment it is possible to train with all involved assets and capabilities, simultaneously.

Our solution solves the problem of interoperability between different simulations and training systems and allows integration without changing anything in the systems, regardless of communication protocols.

By using an appropriate plug-in driver different systems can communicate and exchange information. All without writing a single line of code, just by simple configuration in a graphical user interface.

Full infrastructure and information control

A basic functionality of the Integrated Training Environment is the ability to provide full control of all systems, protocols and information that are part of an exercise.

Training environment

A basic training environment could be as simple as two local systems connected to each other. Additional systems increase the complexity and the need to fully control information, infrastructure and resources. The Integrated Training Environment provide the control and tools needed to meet the training requirements.

Integration ready

All Saab’s simulation systems are prepared for integration into Integrated Training Environment. Together with the integration of legacy systems and third party resources this provides new training values and more efficient use of training assets.