Anti-Tank Weapons Simulators



Our product range includes simulation of all types of anti-tank weapons such as fire and forget, fire lead and ballistic missiles.

Modern anti-tank weapons do not always allow training with the weapon itself. As a result soldiers can end up with fragmented skills and inadequate training.

However, with the ATW Gunnery Trainer you will access a virtual training system that covers skills training from individual up to platoon level for anti-tank and heavy calibre weapons. The system provides high fidelity training in varied scenarios online instructor monitoring and after action analysis. The benefit is tangible – more experienced soldiers with documented skills.

Weapon Replica

The training system is fully integrated in the weapon replica with state of the art 3D overlays presented in the sight display. Missile characteristics and ballistics are replicated with high fidelity simulation.


Knowledge Management

After action reviews are available instantly after each training scenario and all scenarios are automatically scored according to predetermined performance indicators.

2-way systems

BT 46 2-way simulators are equipped with a display for visual user feedback and a speaker for verbal audio information and weapons sounds. This gives gunners instant feedback without forcing them to move from their firing positions, which enables efficient repetitive training. The presentation includes firing sounds, firing results, distances and corresponding hit coordinates.


1-way systems

The RPG is a 1-way, MILES compatible simulator developed for opfor and combat training. The AT4 is available in both 1 and 2-way versions.