Live Fire Tactical Training Targetry And Range Equipment


With live fire tactical training and targetry and range equipment troops get an opportunity to experience the elements of live fire in a context as close to combat as it gets, without compromising safety. Saab has an unsurpassed installed base of targetry and range equipment that feature everything you need to bring your troops the optimum learning experience – high realism, great flexibility and simple control.

Saab’s targetry and range equipment includes a wide range of infantry and armour targets, lifter systems and accessories designed to improve the learning experience even further. The equipment pave the way for realistic scenarios with live fire exercises at field fire ranges or deployed.

With Saab’s powerful tools for planning, control and evaluation, exercise preparation becomes safe, simple and swift. The exercise leader can effectively collect, save, analyse and present information generated during firing practice or combat training and also conduct rapid reviews during and after training sessions.