Live Fire Precision Scoring LOMAH - Location of miss and hit


In the heat of the battle, precision and the way soldiers and vehicle crews handle their weapons can become the tipping point of getting the job done, or not. Today’s more complex and challenging operations place greater demands on the ability to evaluate live fire exercises for all levels of training – especially individual skills precision scoring.

For live fire training of infantry and heavier weapon platforms Saab offer a range of reliable and cost-effective precision scoring systems for field firing. Systems that are easy to set up and configure and that allows fire from different angles without compromising accuracy.

One such system is Saab’s new Location Of Miss And Hit System (LOMAH) – a versatile and cost-effective solution with a unique, patented cluster configuration and acoustic sensor design. The sensor works as an add-on module to Saab’s target lifters, and control and monitoring is integrated in Saab’s Range Control Software.