Flexpatrol At the forefront


A family of flexible littoral ships for combat and patrol designed by Saab, the FLEXpatrol littoral ships offer advanced capabilities. Hallmarked with Genuine Holistic Stealth (GHOST®) properties, as successfully implemented on the VISBY corvettes, the FLEXpatrol ships are well-adapted for modern warfare.

Saab is an experienced ship builder, ship design agent and large system integrator. Our capabilities include the design of comprehensive weapon and sensor suites, as well as their integration into compact platforms.

We know the demands of littoral regions and use our expertise to deliver advanced vessels. As the main supplier of surface combatants and submarines to the Royal Swedish Navy, Saab
knows the importance of shock resistance and low signatures to reducing disclosure ranges and increasing survivability in the littoral arena.

Saab is a world leader in naval systems. Over 75 years we have built up a proven history of delivering platforms, integrated systems and sub-systems for the entire maritime domain. Our thinking edge enables us to break new ground and develop technically advanced, independent solutions to meet today’s complex challenges.