Gripen Fighter System


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Gripen is a unique fighter concept, bringing a perfect balance between excellent operational performance, high-tech solutions, cost-efficiency and industrial partnership into one smart fighter system. That’s why we call it “The Smart Fighter”.

Gripen is a new generation of multi-role fighter aircraft. It is equipped with the most modern range of weapons and integrated systems – capable of effectively performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions that a modern air force often is to master. It is designed to counter the most advanced adversary and is capable of changing its role while airborne or even to perform different roles in the same mission task. Gripen is fully NATO adapted and operational in NATO member countries.

Gripen has been designed to operate in all conditions, from arctic cold to desert heat and offers excellent deploy-ability with a small logistic footprint. It's optimized for short turn-around times and efficient use at dispersed airbases with minimal resources. For example, an air-to-air combat turn-around, including re-fuelling and re-arming takes only 10 minutes to perform. Apart from the short time, its innovative design makes it possible for a small unit of conscript technicians to perform the turn-around with no need for fixed installations.

Gripen is a mature and proven system, in daily use with a number of operators around the globe. It is continuously undergoing further development responding to the constantly changing world we live in. Representing the most modern technology and cutting-edge solutions, Gripen E is the latest generation of Gripen and thanks to its modular design and open architecture, it is easy to integrate weapons or systems responding to the individual operators’ needs. The system is designed for continuous functional growth as per the needs and requirements in each operator country so that the Gripen stays operationally relevant and cutting-edge throughout the entire life-cycle.

The delta wing and canards, along with a highly sophisticated digital Fly-By-Wire Flight Control System, give the fighter an outstanding manoeuvrability and operational agility at the same time it off-loads the pilot to focus on the mission itself instead of flying the aircraft. The increased meaning of Network-centric Warfare and joint operations in today’s and future operations, has been stressed in the design. Gripen is a true multi-role fighter, with a strong focus on information-sharing, which ensures full situational image and providing the pilot a decisive advantage in the decision making.

Through innovative thinking and the fact that Saab has taken into consideration all maintenance and logistics aspects at an early stage of the programme, the operational availability of the Gripen is maximized by minimizing the workload and time consumption for maintenance, overhaul and repairs. This, in its turn, will secure a low life-cycle cost.

A fighter aircraft system is to be operated and maintained over many years after the initial procurement. Often it is important to identify the needs to control and handle the continuous operation within the country, with minimal external dependencies. This is referred to as “Security of Supply”. With our cooperation-minded approach and an impressive track-record with regards to industrial cooperation and involvement of local industry, we claim to have the toolset and also mindset to meet such expectations.

With Gripen we show that we master the noble art of combining the different perspectives to take into consideration when designing a fighter aircraft and we claim to have defined an optimum solution for today’s and future needs to ensure security. Thanks to our innovative thinking and cooperation-minded approach, we offer a powerful solution with life-cycle cost efficiency. Hence we maximize the operational effect for the money spent – protecting the society and people, today and in the future.