Belgian ACCap Replacement Program

Since the early eighties, the Belgian Air Combat Capability has been a cornerstone of Belgium’s national and international defence programmes. Currently, the F-16 weapon system is used for the control of Belgian airspace but also for expeditionary multirole missions in collaboration with international partners. Taking into account the expected service life of the F-16s, Belgian Defence intents to start replacing its current fleet in 2023.

At Saab, we believe that Gripen is the only modern fighter that holds Belgium’s needs in perfect balance. Fuelled by Saab’s thinking edge at every stage of its development, Gripen is more than a fighter: it’s a national asset that protects sovereign independence and empowers a nation towards a more secure future. That’s why we call it “The Smart Fighter”. 

Meeting stringent requirements in terms of safety, availability, agility, training and life cycle cost, Gripen represents the ultimate in operational efficiency and is at the forefront of the global fighter market. It has been chosen by air forces on four continents, with increasing interest in all region, from America to Asia.