Gripen for Belgium

The Belgian ACCap Replacement Program

Since the early eighties, the Belgian Air Combat Capability has been a cornerstone of Belgium’s national and international defence programmes. Currently, the F-16 weapon system is used for the control of Belgian airspace but also for expeditionary multirole missions in collaboration with international partners. Taking into account the expected service life of the F-16s, Belgian Defence intents to start replacing its current fleet in 2023.

At Saab, we believe that Gripen is the only modern fighter that holds Belgium’s needs in perfect balance. Fuelled by Saab’s thinking edge at every stage of its development, Gripen is more than a fighter: it’s a national asset that protects sovereign independence and empowers a nation towards a more secure future. That’s why we call it “The Smart Fighter”.

Meeting stringent requirements in terms of safety, availability, agility, training and life cycle cost, Gripen represents the ultimate in operational efficiency and is at the forefront of the global fighter market. It has been chosen by air forces on four continents, with increasing interest in all region, from America to Asia.

Industrial Partnership

At Saab, we believe that an investment in the security of a nation should be an investment in that nation’s future. It should also be a generator of independence as well as economic and industrial growth. Co-operation and long-lasting partnerships are the tools which make such progress possible.

Saab is currently exploring mutually beneficial opportunities with Belgian companies active in the aeronautics, defence and security sectors. Striving to maintain its competitiveness, this sector holds a key position in Belgium with important know-how and capacity for innovation. The strong involvement of SME’s is an essential part of its success. Saab’s cutting-edge technology at the forefront of innovation and its collaboration culture offers sustainable win-win cooperation potential to Belgium industry.

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The Gripen fighter aircraft is in service with a number of air forces: Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, South African and Thai. The UK Empire Test Pilot School is operating Gripen as its advanced fast jet platform for test pilots worldwide. Also, Brazil has signed a contract for the development and production of 36 Gripen E/F fighter aircrafts.

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Belgian Campaign Team

At Saab, we know the powerful outcome of close and direct partnerships, related to industry, trade and commerce, science and education or energy and environment. Over the years, Saab has come to represent an industrial tradition characterized by strong commitments, honesty and an ambition to bring benefits to both ourselves and our customers.

Although business is something that takes place between companies, it is only people and relationships that can make it happen. For the Belgian Gripen campaign, we can count on the expertise and dedication of a great team.