When Saab was founded in 1937, our primary aim was to provide military aircraft for Sweden. Saab became an important part of the industry that sprang up to guarantee neutrality, independence and self-sufficiency – and as a cradle for Swedish engineering. Intelligent and cost-effective solutions were required from the start. In short: Saab was born smart.

Since then, Saab have progressed through generations of military jet aircraft, introducing world-leading technology every step of the way. We have been building on our military heritage and Swedish pragmatism, and we have not stood still…

Our extraordinary technological challenges throughout the years have driven and developed Saab into a broad-based Swedish innovation powerhouse. On our journey we have helped create Sweden’s computer, missile and space industries – and we used to produce cars, trucks and buses too.

Through organic growth and acquisition, Saab has brought together a broad base of knowledge and innovative thinking with for example naval operations in Australia and Electronic Warfare operations in South Africa that have expanded our geographical footprint.

Companies like Bofors, Sensis, Ericsson Microwave Systems, MEDAV, HITT, E-COM and recently Kockums have added expertise in different areas.

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