Kockums Gotland Class Submerged supremacy


The Kockums Gotland Class - one of the world's most modern conventional submarines.

It is designed and built to meet all possible submarine missions: anti-shipping operations, ASW-missions, forward surveillance, special operations and mine-laying tasks.


The Kockums Gotland Class can carry a powerful array of wireguided and homing weapons, including newly developed multipurpose homing torpedoes, missiles and mines.

Unique AIP system

The Kockums Gotland class was the world's first submarine class in operation with an air independent propulsion (AIP) system. The Stirling AIP system, combined with a number of unique features including overall low signatures, extreme shock resistance and a powerful combat system, provides the ultimate in non-nuclear submarine technology.


Three submarines of the Gotland class, HMS Gotland, HMS Uppland and HMS Halland are now in service with the Royal Swedish Navy.


Saab has signed contracts with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) for the construction of two new Type A26 submarines and a mid-life upgrade for two Gotland-class submarines.


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