Supreme Stealth Technology



The key to gaining a tactical advantage through stealth technology is invisibility. This is nothing new - for millions of years many animals in nature have used their colour to disappear against the background.

Usually it’s beneficial to clearly see and be seen, but in threat situations this can turn a conventional or an apparent stealth ship into a sitting duck.


However, a ship like the Kockums Visby Class is very difficult to detect because of its Genuine Holistic Stealth – GHOST® – technology, which gives it greater operational freedom when countering a threat.

The Visby Class GHOST ® Corvette

The Visby is the first vessel in the world to have fully developed stealth technology. The goal is to reduce all its signatures to a minimum to avoid detection. The hull is designed with large flat angled surfaces.

Each piece of equipment that does not necessarily need be located outside the hull has been built in or concealed under specially designed hatches. Water-jet propulsion reduces the acoustic signature. And the engine exhausts have been concealed in hidden outlets under the water surface or at the stern of the vessel.