TactiGuard XD Cross domain solution for cyber defence


Cyber defence starts with affordable cross domain solutions

Today's tactical missions require war fighters in tactical environments to be able to share and access information between networks of different security classifications. The TactiGuard XD is a certified Cross Domain Solution (CDS) enabling secure information sharing between higher classified (up to SECRET) and lower classified or unclassified systems. An authorized administrator can configure the filter policy to ensure that only the desired lower classified or unclassified well-formed information crosses the classification boundary.

The TactiGuard XD is software-based and hosted on a single COTS computer. This makes the TactiGuard XD suitable for a variety of physical environments, including mobile rugged environments, where size, weight and power constrains are important factors. Furthermore, TEMPEST requirements can be applied to the solution.

TactiGuard XD is a customizable CDS platform that supports customer specific system integration/adaptations without re-evaluation of the Common Criteria (CC) approved security functions. Product validation has been performed according to Common Criteria by accredited 3rd party evaluator and has been approved by the National Security Authority of a CC Certificate Authorizing Member Nation. The complete set of evaluation evidence can be provided on request for approval by other nations.


Key benefits

  • Transfer Cross Domain Solution (CDS) between different classification levels (secret and unclassified).
  • Bidirectional communication of well-structured information.


  • Deployment both on dedicated hardware and virtualized systems.
  • Common Criteria evaluation approval by National Security Authority.


  • Minimize your classified enclaves.
  • Keep unclassified systems unclassified, but access them from the classified side.