TactiCall ICS Compact All System - One interface


TactiCall Compact is a smart, efficient and cost effective solution for smaller vessel communication requirements. The compact system provides intercom, radio control and a common IP LAN platform for internal data distribution. Since TactiCall Compact makes up a condensed version of the TactiCall ICS platform, it will not require a central communication or management server.

Because of the compact and smart architecture, the system will decrease both installation time and associated costs. The basic configuration can actually be completed within minutes. As the system is server-less, connection of user terminals and radio gateways to the LAN network is all that is needed for system setup.


The intuitive and modern user interface will guarantee secure and reliable operations within every operational setup, easily adaptable to squadrons and/or single boat operations in harsh environments. 

The TactiCall Compact is based on the latest technology from the TactiCall product family, delivered to customers worldwide and across various domains in different configurations, both military and civilian.


In every way TactiCall will put you in control of a robust and highly survivable system with no single point of failure, which will let you handle voice and data communication in a fast and efficient manner.

Key features

  • Scalable from two user terminals to as many as your operational scenarios require
  • Completely compatible with TactiCall ICS – easy to expand and grow
    • optional GSM 3G/4G and  SATCOM terminal
    • optional wireless DECT intercom
    • optional TactiCall Mobile clients
  • Shared IP LAN networking
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • HD voice
  • Supports interface to IP PA speakers
  • Supports a variety of audio and PTT accessories