Carabas Foliage penetration radar

Carabas foliage penetration radar on helicopter


Carabas is designed to enable superior foliage and camouflage penetration (FOPEN) capabilities, wide area surveillance and automatic target detection. The system is based on low-frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and change detection technology and it also exploits polarimetric sensing.

Monitoring forested areas has always been an important requirement in military operations. Especially since highly maneuverable units often deploy and act from deep concealment in forests or, in open terrain, are concealed by camouflage.

Conventional airborne surveillance techniques, including electro-optical sensors and microwave radars, cannot detect targets hidden beneath foliage or camouflage netting.

Carabas, on the other hand, provides unparalleled foliage and camouflage penetration (FOPEN) performance assuring state-of-the-art complete ground situation detection capabilities that meet the most demanding requirements.