From peacekeeping operations to real combat scenarios – today’s missions demand the seamless implementation of strategies. For decades, Saab has been providing solutions designed to meet such needs. From training and command and control systems, to military subsystems, weapons and next-generation aircraft, our solutions improve operational capabilities and reduce the cost of ownership.

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Air C4I Solutions

From the delivery of single-software functionality to the provision of a full-scale advanced tactical or operational C4I system, Saab can meet your every requirement with scalable, capable and affordable solutions. Designed to turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into action.


Once obtained, information can be turned into your most lethal resource. At Saab, we have developed a range of integrated solutions that will not only take your information superiority to a higher level, but also provide superior tactical capabilities and outstanding operational support.

Ground C2 Systems


Saab is a leading supplier of fully modular and scalable Command & Control solutions. We offer a wide range of functionality and system intelligence that can easily be adapted to legacy systems as well as future requirements.

Airborne C2 Solutions


Saab offers airborne Command & Control systems for a wide range of applications. Our offering includes solutions for fixed-wing aircraft with operational capabilities for AEW&C, MPA, SIGINT and onboard C2 solutions for helicopters. The systems are designed to give operators a high level of support in order to ease the workload and allow a high degree of flexibility.

Communication Systems


Saab utilizes state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide you with a robust and secure communications solution. Our offering covers the entire spectrum from ground telecom infrastructure over radio sites to integrated airborne communication and radio systems. Based on our experience and know-how, we can provide a solution optimized for your needs.

Deployable C4I Solutions


Saab offers deployable C4I solutions for different applications, from turnkey solutions scalable from boxes to multiple shelters. Our solutions are based on Saab’s proven mobile communication infrastructure. We have delivered solutions that are in operational use and are transportable by land, air or sea.

Data & Information Fusion


Competent and functional data fusion solutions are among the core building blocks in a C4I system. We have a centre of excellence for this purpose where we offer solutions ranging from single and multi-sensor trackers to advanced high-performance network-enabled multi-target trackers and correlators. We can also provide solutions for more specific applications such as Short Term conflict alert or Ballistic missile tracking.

Airborne Solutions

Saab’s range of airborne solutions comprises the world’s most advanced multi-role fighter, Gripen, the GlobalEye AEW&C solution and Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C system and a range of fully autonomous and mobile unmanned systems.

Airborne Surveillance


Saab understands the vital importance of advanced airborne surveillance and has a family of products designed to allow you to command the situation. We offer complete or modular solutions for maximum flexibility. The power is in your hands.

Unmanned Aerial Systems


Skeldar is a versatile system for a wide range of applications such as reconnaissance, identification, target acquisition and electronic warfare. A number of COTS high resolution EO/IR, SAR and EW sensors are available.

Avionics Systems

Saab can supply almost any aircraft or airborne related system. Our avionics offer comprises a wide range of avionics equipment and systems as well as complete turnkey solutions for the upgrade of aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, to new standards.

Flight Control and Actuation Systems


Saab supplies Electronics and Electromechanical Actuation Systems for aircraft applications ranging from safety critical flight control to a wide range of aircraft utility functions.



We support successful mission completion through a wide range of applications. Our niche product portfolio covers areas such as flight and mission computers, communication management and display systems. Saab is actively developing the next generation of vision and awareness technologies to address emerging air traffic regulatory & operational needs, and the ever present push for more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly aircraft with lower maintenance costs and higher dispatch rates.

Electronic Warfare

When it comes to Electronic Warfare systems for airborne platforms, Saab can provide everything from Electronic Support Measures, Radar Warner Receivers and Jammers to self-protection systems with Missile Approach Warners and Countermeasure Dispenser Systems.

Signals Intelligence


The HES-21 system is an advanced ESM system with ELINT capabilities, providing passive monitoring of the Radio Frequency environment and the ability to intercept, characterize, identify and geo-locate emitters.

Electronic Warfare Systems for Fighters


Saab’s Electronic Warfare (EW) systems for fighter aircraft give pilots superior situational awareness and the capability needed to maximise mission effectiveness. The EW systems include RWR/ISR/ECM capabilities and improve the survivability of the platform. The EW systems are designed for fighter aircraft installation and are proven on Gripen and Tornado. See the BOW RWR/ESM and the new Arexis fighter EW family below to learn more.

Self Protection Systems


With the Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS), airborne platforms can radically improve their defensive and operational capabilities. The IDAS family of systems provides self-defence for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Countermeasure Dispenser Systems


Once detected, an aircraft faces the risk of being attacked or engaged in battle. In such hostile situations, Saab’s countermeasures systems will provide the protection required for mission success and safe return to base.

Gripen fighter system

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Gripen is a unique fighter concept, bringing a perfect balance between excellent operational performance, high-tech solutions, cost-efficiency and industrial partnership into one, smart fighter system. That’s why we call it “The smart fighter”.

Mission Support Systems

Saab provides a range of affordable and cost-effective simulator solutions and technical and tactical support systems. Our expertise supports our customers in defining, designing and developing system solutions as well as deciding upon training media.

EW Support Systems


EW support systems are necessary means of evaluating mission recorded threat data. Based on this information, threat libraries are designed for the rWr, eSm and Jammer systems.

Sensor Systems

Saab’s sensor offer includes systems for airborne early warning, airborne fire control, ground imaging, reconnaissance and ground based air defence. Highly interoperable, capable and available sensor systems designed to support capability growth.

Ground Based Air Defence


In land combat and asymmetric warfare situations, decisions and actions based on real-time information are crucial. Every second is vital for gaining an information advantage to enable information superiority.

Ground Imaging Sensors


CARABAS are low frequency synthetic aperture radars. They can detect concealed objects from tanks under tropical rain forest/radar camouflage nets to buried objects such as Improvised Explosive Devices, IED.

Fighter Radar


The Airborne Fire Control Radar is an advanced multi-role radar for fighter aircraft, providing high-resolution air-to-air and air-to-surface modes with outstanding tracking performance and support for Beyond Visual range missiles.

Airborne Early Warning Radar


The ERIEYE radar is the first of its kind to use AESA technology. Designed for use together with regional aircraft, it is currently operational on three platforms

Support Solutions

There is a growing need for complete support solutions, including an embedded management capability rather than provision of stand alone services. Saab provides complete support solutions adapted to precise customer needs and requirements.

Airborne Platform Support Solutions


For nearly seventy years, Saab has been working alongside armed forces from around the world to improve national security as well as specific defence capabilities. A large part of that commitment has revolved around support of various individual systems, products or equipment.

Special Products and Services


Competitive support solutions are vital for creating and maintaining successful operations. We provide a high quality, fully integrated life cycle-based support concept.

Training and Simulation

From cost-effective desktop simulators and full-mission simulators to complete training centres with associated operational support and services, Saab offers extensive know-how and constitutes a strong partner regardless of the type of training application.

Air Defence Training


Saab´s air defence training is a dedicated international aviation centre for both operational training of air defence systems and technical mission solutions for military and civil agencies.

Weapon Systems

Saab is a significant supplier of airborne missile systems with unrivalled striking power and precision. Our offer include, for instance, Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missiles, Anti-Ship Missile Systems and Ground-Based Air Defence Missile Systems.

Ground Based Air Defence Missile Systems


On today’s rapidly changing battlefield, mission success is built on the forces’ ability to maintain all their operational capabilities – surveillance, communications, decision support and weapons effects – even while countering threats.

Air-to-Surface Missile Systems


Defending a territory from surface threats may require solutions that permit striking with pinpoint accuracy and for penetrating dense air defences on the ground – from a distance.

Air-to-Air Missile Systems


Saab is an industrial partner in the two leading air-to-air missile programmes in Europe, i.e. the BVRAAM Meteor and the SRAAM IRIS-T. Both missiles are designed to meet European requirements and are fully compatible with the Gripen and other contemporary aircraft.