System Engineer

Technical challenges is something you face very often as an system engineer. Especially if you are building the best avionics computer platform there is for the Gripen fighter.

Building the avionics platform for a fighter is a big task, how many are involved in the same project as you and what do they have for function?

There are around 60 people involved in the APS (Avionics Platform Software) project. The functions of the people range from systems engineers to designers and testers, and the specialties and backgrounds are from computer engineers, to mathematicians, physicists and mechanical engineers.

How is the system tested and what is needed to perform the tests?

The system is tested thoroughly by following strict processes and using manual as well as automated tests. A large part of the testing is performed with help of simulators.

What kind of applications are developed and what are their functions?

The APS project does not develop applications, but a generic platform abstracting away computational details, which is used by the different kinds of applications that make up the aircraft’s functionality.