"We Made the Right Decision"

The FAB Commander spoke about Gripen's role in national defense and strengthening the defense industry in Brazil. "From the beginning, the results have shown us that we made the right decision," said FAB Commander Lieutenant Brigadier Bermudez, on receiving the Special Flight Permit that certifies the Brazilian Gripen's airworthiness.

“The F-39 is a great example of collaborative development based on transfer of technology, and promotion of the defence industry. The Brazilian Air Force now has a new multi-mission platform for the fulfilment of its actions to control, defend and integrate the national territory. Since its conception, the Gripen programme has benefitted the Brazilian society. I am very happy to be part of this historical moment for fighter aviation in Brazil,” he added.

The Special Flight Permit was delivered during a ceremony in Linköping, Sweden, on 10 September. The ceremony was also attended by Brazil’s Defense Minister, Fernando Azevedo e Silva, Brazilian Ambassador to Sweden, Nelson Antonio Tabajara de Oliveira, Swedish Minister of Defense, Peter Hultqvist, the Swedish Air Force Commander, Major General Mats Helgesson, and the Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Air Force, Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos Augusto Amaral Oliveira.

During the ceremony, Brazil’s Defense Minister, Fernando Azevedo e Silva, in his speech, talked about the relationship between Sweden and Brazil, FAB Gripen E's journey so far, and the highlights of technology transfer.
“Gripen increases the operational capacity of the Brazilian Air Force and boosts a partnership that ensures transfer of technology to Brazil, fosters research and industrial development in both countries, and gives way to new joint projects,” he said. He specifically mentioned the WAD system which has been developed in Brazil, and has been adopted by the Swedish Air Force for its Gripen Es.

"We are building a partnership with Sweden that is unprecedented,” Azevedo e Silva said.
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