Gripen Pilots' Own Exercise Focuses on Tactics and Combat Training

Foto: Jesper Sundström/Försvarsmakten

On the 3rd and 4th week of September, pilots from Norrbotten Air Wing, Blekinge Air Wing, Skaraborg Air Wing, and TU JAS in Linköping conducted the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures exercise (TTP 19) in the airspace over Northern Sweden, reports Forsvarsmakten.

TTP 19 is also known as “pilots’ own exercise” because it focusses solely on honing the skills of the participating pilots. There are no order chains. The daily training programs during TTP are designed around the little details that make a huge difference during an actual mission. "This is one of the most important exercises we have for our pilots when it comes to the development of combat technology and tactics," said Michael Lundquist, TTP 19 flight exercise manager.

The first week of the exercise was focused on air-to-ground combat while the second week was dedicated to air-to-air combat training. One thing that distinguished this year’s TTP from the previous years was the GWIC (Gripen Weapons Instructor Course) which was conducted for four students from different fleets and consisted of theory, training in Gripen simulators, and real flight exercises.

“This way, we are raising our pilots to another level in terms of weapon systems training, so that they can be competent in their respective fields,” says Lundquist.

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