Display Pilots Train In Gripen

Five display pilots took part in a three-day training which was conducted last week from Tuesday to Thursday at Ärna airfield, Uppsala, Sweden, reports svt NYHETER

“It is an excellent opportunity for us to get started before the show season begins,” says one of the display pilots, Henrik Nyström.

Display flights are different from normal flights in that the former involves aerobatics or flying maneuvers that are not used in normal flights, but are rather performed for entertainment and sports. Display pilots also have to endure a lot of G-forces. “It is quite intense and gets heavy for the body, but about four passes a day do not bother the body,” says Henrik. 

According to Henrik, various flight passes flown during the training were about six minutes each. “We run through our flying programs, and all the passes are filmed and evaluated. Everything is aimed at making the display safer and look better, and more fun,” he adds.