Brazilian Gripen Assembly Team Reaches Sweden For Training

Seven graduates of the Brazilian Gripen assembly preparation course at Akaer, are moving to Sweden to complete their next training stage, reports Poder Aero.
The purpose of the course is to familiarize the Gripen assemblers with the nomenclatures associated and to master the work mechanics, the documentation, and the whole process of how the Gripen factory is built.
"This is an important moment for SAM and the employees of this class. We have completed another chapter of preparation for the trip to Sweden, where the training will continue at the Linköping unit," says Marcelo Lima, General Director of SAM.
The training is in line with the technology transfer program for the development of the Gripen fighter in Brazil. The seven graduates, which include operators, engineers and managers, participating in this training are a part of the second team of aeronautical assemblers to move to Sweden. The training at Linköping will last for a year, after which the team will come back to Brazil and lead the production of the aero structures at São Bernardo do Campo.
The technology transfer is divided into approximately 50 projects and over time, 350 Brazilian engineers will be moving to Sweden to complete the technology transfer program.
"The partnership between Saab and Akaer is beneficial for businesses and the country. This project will train our assemblers to become masters at their profession and have more competency," says Bibiana Misumi, director of organizational development at Akaer.
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