Confined areas communication Robust and secure communication


Saab specializes in robust and secure confined area communication and radio solutions for both in- and outdoor operations. Equally suited for on- and offshore use the Saab solution covers all major radio technologies, like TETRA, DMR, P25, LTE, UHF, VHF etc.

Saab facilitates both analogue and digital radio networks alike depending on operational use and coverage needs. Saab offers fully secure closed networks built on existing technology and network infrastructure for single or multiple radio environments.


Customized to suit individual operational needs, securing coverage and capacity where it is needed most resulting in tailored, robust and fully secure indoor distribution network. For outdoor facilities this also includes whitespot and topology management, creating networks which are tuned and optimized in accordance with specific requirements and operational demands.


Further, the solution will enhance capacity distribution on a whole as well as in individual sectors – naturally in a secure protected network when it comes to traffic.

Offering full legacy integration by expanding on existing infrastructure and hardware, Saab will help you optimize your existing environment, both when it comes to infrastructure and interfaces towards external systems and/or applications. Fully scalable and modular the solution can be expanded step by step to grow with increasing demands and changing operational needs.

Key features

  • Customized and robust indoor coverage and distribution networks
  • Dedicated outdoor coverage including white-spot and topology management
  • In- and outdoor capacity optimization and hotspots
  • Integration and coordination of multi-radio environments
  • Increased and add-on functionality utilizing existing network infrastructure
  • Fully secure closed network solutions