Medical treatment simulator Improving training realism


A combat medic must be trained to determine who is most seriously injured. The Medical Treatment Simulator provides support for treatment prioritisation, and improves the basic wound simulation capabilities in Saab’s Personnel Detection Devices. The simulator software is used in a handheld computer in the field for simulated examination and treatment of soldiers.

The MTS is based on a medical treatment database that allows the software to determine the seriousness of a soldier’s wound from the hit location and ammunition type. There is also a version that accounts for the time between being wounded and examination.


Retrieving and sending data

The times required for both examinations and treatments are retrieved from the database. Data from each examination and treatment is sent to the soldier’s vest (PDD) and stored on an electronic patient card (EPC), which can later be read by other medical personnel.

Keeping track of inventory

MTS even keeps track of medics’ inventories, and prevents treatment from being given when the necessary medical material is lacking. There are five different levels, which determine the available examinations and treatments based on the knowledge level of the medic.



Reliable communications

The MTS uses infrared communications to send data to and from soldiers’ vests. All necessary data (medical database, inventory list, etc.) are stored in the MTS, making the operation independent of peripheral systems. When the MTS is used in a GAMER instrumented exercise, the vests forward examination and treatment data via RF to EXCON.