Meet the new combat boat from Saab Docksta CB 90HSM

With more than 250 boats operating worldwide, CB 90 has been a success story since the first boat was commissioned. A new model of the proven concept has been launched: Docksta CB 90HSM.



This is a brand new boat, equipped with a lot more than its predecessors, such as improved speed, maneuverability,  attack power and surveillance capabilities. The first boatsof the new model has been delivered to the Swedish Navy.

Development based on a proven design and operational success

The fast, all-aluminium Docksta CB 90HSM can effortlessly carry multiple troops and cargo, in shallow or open waters, whilst maintaining
incredible speeds and manoeuvrability.



The craft offers supreme CBRN and ballistic protection thanks to lightweight polyethylene lining and safety glass. A robust weapons platform can include stabilised turntables, smaller missile systems and remote weapon stations like Saab Trackfire, whilst a versatile and tough
interior, combined with a strong bow ramp, ensure swift deployment onto unprepared beaches.


Docksta CB 90HSM equipped with Saab Giraffe 1X short-range 3D radar surveillance system.

Docksta CB 90HSM is based on a proven design and operational success, and is transportable by land or other ship. Perfected from
a basic model, additional applications include marine police, pilot, fire fighter, airport rescue, search and rescue, and environment control.


Key features of the new model:

  • An new driveline including an adjusted placement of the engine makes the point of gravity optimized, which in turn makes the boat even more stable, faster and a lot more silent
  • New jets run on a higher efficiency, the total efficiency is greatly increased
  • Improved ergonomics and crew comfort
  • New combat management system and sensors for surveillance and attack power through the Trackfire system

More information about the new combat boat can be found in this brochure (pdf).


CB 90 anniversary film (Saab Facebook)


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