Since more than 90 per cent of global trade is carried by sea, securing operations in the maritime environment poses greater challenges than ever. With Saab as your partner you will have access to a large number of systems enabling higher security and more efficient operations. What is more, you will be able to draw upon our vast experience of systems integration.

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Saab has long been a driving force in the development of advanced communications services, robust systems solutions, and ongoing system support for a wide range of maritime operations, both military and civil.

Integrated Naval Communication System


Integrated communication is all about support to all maritime communication, regardless of vessel type or operational duties, civil and naval included.

Decision Superiority

Saab’s range of Command & Control systems include naval C4I solutions, Mine Warfare Data Centres, Vessel Traffic Management Systems, complete CMS solutions, subsystems and advanced services within the maritime domain.

Combat Management Systems


Saab is one of the few companies in the world capable of developing state-of-the-art C4I solutions for maritime applications.

Maritime Surveillance


In many ways, Saab represents the new vision of Maritime Surveillance.


Electronic Warfare

Saab’s Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions include a range of naval laser warning systems and ESM/SIGINT (ELINT & COMINT) systems for submarine and surface vessels providing enhanced detection capabilities, full threat identification and strategic intelligence capabilities in a single cost effective solution.

Naval Laser Warning Systems


Our EW solutions include a range of advanced naval laser warning systems capable of detecting and analysing lasers in blue water and littoral combat environments, providing superior situational awareness to the command team regarding ongoing laser activities.

Submarine Tactical ESM, ELINT and COMINT


Our compact submarine ESM/ELINT/COMINT systems are designed to suit the confined spaces available onboard a submarine and can be installed on the optronic mast. The ESM part of the system provides tactical information about the radar signal environment and the ELINT part is used for intelligence.

Surface Tactical ESM, ELINT and COMINT


Our ESM/ELINT/COMINT system for surface platforms provides enhanced detection capability and full threat identification.

Situational Awareness

Saab offers a range of solutions designed for total visibility, within and beyond the area of operation, 24/7, in any weather, below, on and above the surface.

Multi-role Surveillance Radar


Do you want outstanding operational performance in the littorals as well as in blue waters? A good surveillance system provides a full range of nonconflicting functions for simultaneous air and surface surveillance as well as 360˚ mortar/rocket alert and weapon location

Submarines and Surface Ships

We represent leading-edge, world-class naval technology - both above and below the surface. We design, build and maintain naval surface vessels and submarines that incorporate the most advanced stealth technology.



Saab designs, builds and maintains advanced non-nuclear submarines for operations in both extreme littoral zones and blue waters. Leading technology built into these vessel include our innovative Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) system based on the Stirling engine.

Surface Ships


Saab Kockums is specialized in fast attack craft and light corvette sized combatants that are distinguished for their multi-mission capabilities, fire power and high-speed shallow water penetrability. In view of the unusual nature of the Baltic and the need to defend a very long coastline, the Royal Swedish Navy has always placed special emphasis on flexibility, striking power and cost efficiency. Saab Kockums has responded by pioneering a long line of innovative surface vessels.

Training and Simulation

Saab supports customers in meeting new training needs by providing state-of-the-art training and simulation solutions including, for instance, cutting-edge C4I training solutions designed to prepare operators for all aspects of the naval operator environment.

Naval Training


Underwater Systems

Littoral waters vary widely in nature. The shallow depths, complex hydro-acoustic environment and sometimes dense civil traffic result in an ever-changing situation. Defending these environments is a complex challenge, and it’s one that Saab is tackling head on. Saab develop sophisticated underwater weapon systems, sensor systems and sub-surface equipment to help our customers enhance their defence capabilities.



Mine Warfare Systems


The ability to clear a path through a minefield is one of the most important tasks of a modern mine warfare unit.

Underwater Sensor Systems


Saab’s sensor solutions for underwater security are designed for easy adaptation to specific customer needs and requirements, and provides sensor, intercept and command & control capabilities, as stand-alone or integrated solutions.

Remotely Operated Vehicles


Autonomous Underwater Vehicles


Weapon Systems

Saab provides a range of defence systems designed to meet the challenges of the naval battle space. Our offering includes systems for anti-surface- warfare, anti-submarine-warfare and mine counter-measures operations.

Gyro Products


When there is a need to measure rate, for example as input for stabilization, Saab could provide a solution either by offering a standard Gyro product or provide a customized product according to customer requirements. Saab is specialized on tailoring gyro products according to customer provided specifications. Saab is offering products fulfilling tough environmental demands. To achieve this in a cost effective way Saab is using a modular approach backed up by a large application and sensor knowledge.

Anti-Submarine and Anti-Surface Warfare


Saab provides a range of defence systems designed to meet the challenges of the naval battle space. Our offering includes systems for anti-surface- warfare, anti-submarine-warfare and mine counter-measures operations.

Remote Weapon Station


Stability is a buzzword. From more than 40 years of developing stabilised platforms for naval use, the Trackfire Remote Weapon Station rests on solid ground. The user benefits from a next generation fully stabilised and remotely operated weapon and sensor system that provides cutting edge performance in both domains.

Weapon Control Systems


Saab provides a range of weapon control solutions geared towards a multitude of platforms, from single gun patrol boats up to frigate size weapon suites. Depending on your operational context, the system provides excellent defence against any modern threat by optimising available sensors and effectors in the most efficient way.

Laser Rangefinder


Saab’s Laser Rangefinders are designed and environmentally approved for use as target rangefinders in naval systems requiring low-hazard functionality and high performance. The compact, lightweight design is ideally suited for integration with advanced fire control and other telemetric systems.