MAPAM Advanced mortar system


Improving infantry mobility and efficiency

MAPAM offers close combat deployment capabilities by outstanding lethality in controlled area. Decisive Advantage in combat provided to soldiers while also decreasing inadvertent damage and protecting own troops.


For successful fighting

  • Due to clear separation of lethal-, danger-, and safety-zones, close combat is possible while protecting own troops

  • Less weight guarantees high mobility to troops

Easy to use

  • Reducing drastically logistic costs, e.g. storage and transportation due to less weight
  • Useable with every existing in service launcher and in-service fuze (also with different fuze modi) makes it convenient and easy to handle

High precision

  • High precision (deviation in target of 2%) protects your own troops and avoids inadvertent damage

  • Close Combat deployment, increasing logistic safety due to IM explosive, decreasing inadvertent damage