Precision gunnery training Live, laser and virtual gunnery training


Saab’s Integrated Gunnery Training system allows a seamless transition, from skills to tactical training, and supports training from individual up to platoon and troop level.

This system is designed to be modular and enables the same components to be reconfigured to cost-effectively meet the unique requirements of training and evaluation.

Based on Saab’s lengthy experience of laser based gunnery training for combat vehicles, the Integrated Gunnery Training system is designed to address following:

Current shortfalls between live-fire, laser and virtual gunnery training waste time and resources.


Ammunition is often wasted when crews prematurely enter live-fire training without having had the opportunity to conduct sufficient repetitive practice. Combined with ammunition quantity restrictions, this is not an ideal situation.

Most exercise data is captured through observations and recorded by hand, making truly objective evaluation time consuming and difficult. Trends and aggregated analysis are even harder to observe and perform.