Vehicle electronics solutions Another level of rugged


Rapid and reliable information networks are essential for today’s highly mobile and dynamic military operations. Vehicle-mounted information technology is changing the battlefield, providing  capabilities vital for both force projection and force protection.

Saab offers a wide range of rugged vehicle electronics (Vetronics). High performance solutions which meet the harsh environmental requirements on the battlefield while keeping lifecycle costs to a minimum.

Whether your need is minimum space or maximum capability, Saab provides a rugged system that meets your exact application and secures your operational capabilities.


Tailored to succeed

Our extensive product portfolio allows for tailoring a solution to suit your needs. We have the experience and expertise to assist you, whether you want to upgrade a single component in an existing 4 x 4, or design a complete vehicle electronic system for a whole fleet of new APC:s.


Our philosophy in vehicle integration of Rugged Vetronics is quite simple. Every component and every function is based on a common, expandable and scalable architecture. Seamlessly integrated, all sub-systems and elements understand each other and share hardware and network structures.


The advantages are obvious: any kind of information can be directed to any user. So several users can share real-time information and you can also, for instance, show HUMS data, camera images and BMS data on the same screen.

The systems are modular and scaleable, so if for instance you need to upgrade computers, sensors or displays in the future, the same cabling and fixtures can be utilised, saving time and money in the process.


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