Medical care solutions Hospital - advanced medical support


Saab's Medical Care Solutions (MCS) offers an integrated function from the point of injury (POI) to advanced rear echelon medical treatment. The solutions are platform independent and logistically engineered to be operational across Air, Land and Naval domains – covering all climate zones.

  • Compact and light logistics footprint optimized for fast deployment
  • Low total cost of ownership - offering turnkey commitment
  • MEDEVAC/TACEVAC/STRATEVAC capabilities offered for Air, Land, Naval

Changes in the nature of war trauma means more of the seriously injured can now be restored to health. Achieving this higher rate of survivability requires immediate advanced first aid and rapid evacuation, with specialists providing en-route resuscitation and forward surgical teams providing damage control surgery on the way to final care in facilities with extensive clinical support capabilities.

Saab offers portable MCS across the spectrum from POI to NATO Roles 1-3. Our solutions are specially designed for rapid deployment and establishment of the function, requiring no specialist equipment and minimal personnel. The solutions are transportable by tactical, operational and strategic mobility and distribution systems.

We have a wide range of fully customisable and integrated infrastructure solutions designed to minimise costs and maximize functionality. This also includes training in infrastructure-/logistics- and medical areas. The MCS units are based on a modular system designed to account for future growth as an operation evolves.